"Service Above Self"

Bob Patti

  Linda Lembo-Alonzo   Public Relations

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Ron Targove, Treasurer
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Roberta Re' Kleinbard   (Past President)

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Joe Barnes
​Sgt. at Arms


             Joe Verdone              

The Greater Ramsey Chapter of UNICO is a registered 501c non-profit charitable Italian-American heritage organization. We work closely with UNICO National on nationwide projects, as well as community activities, to uphold and advance the prestige and honor of the Italian-American community. Our membership is comprised exclusively of citizens of Italian heritage, or those married to someone of Italian heritage, of
good character and reputation, united together in a common belief and philosophy of "Service Above Self."

In the spirit of giving back to our community, we raise money through fundraisers for local organizations. Ramsey UNICO grants scholarship awards, promotes Italian studies and supports a variety of groups and charities through monetary donations. Some beneficiaries of Unico's donations include mental health programs, children with disabilities, cancer research, Ramsey Responds, Meaningful Movements, Meals on Wheels,
Center for Food Action, Shelter Our Sisters and many other local service organizations.

The Greater Ramsey Chapter of UNICO is non-political and non-sectarian. We are always looking to expand our membership and welcome
new members to the Chapter. Ramsey Unico's meetings are held once a month on Monday nights at a local restaurant.
​The cost is $30 per person (BYOB) or $35, which includes wine.

Ron Muzzillo

If you would like to join the Greater Ramsey
Chapter of UNICO, please contact us at
info@GRUNICO.org. We hope to see
​​you at our next meeting!


 Maria Arrabito  Scholarships

Ken Marano
​General Counsel

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Joe Verdone
​Chapter Delegate

To uphold and advance the prestige and honor of the
​Italian-American community...

Diane Noto

Greater Ramsey UNICO
​Officers and Directors 2018-2019

Ron Targove

        Aurelius Licata           2nd Vice President 

Rick D'Arminio

Donna Troop
​1st Vice President

        Elaine Muzzillo         Chaplain

Ken Marano

The Greater Ramsey Chapter of UNICO